Eat Your Sunscreen

Superfoods to Boost Your Skin’s Natural Defenses Against Sunburn

About the Book

Eat Your Sunscreen: Superfoods to Boost Your Skin’s Natural Defenses Against Sunburn is a detailed guide to sun and safety.

In the book, you will learn:

  • Why fearing the sun is wrong, and your sunscreen isn’t doing you any favors
  • How to tan safely and avoid burning
  • How what you eat has everything to do with how easily you burn (and tan!)
  • Nutrients you can take to help your body resist burning and help you get a golden tan
  • Superfoods that give you extra sun protection, fight aging, and keep you feeling vibrant
  • Non-toxic options for natural sunscreen
  • Ways to relieve a sunburn naturally

About the Author

I am Rosemary Fotheringham, a certified NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) dedicated to helping others feel and look radiant, overcome sugar addiction, and live happier, healthier lives through the power of real food.

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