Recipe: Fat Balls (To Beat Sugar Cravings!)

My husband John and I developed this recipe while we were having sugar cravings on the first few days of our RESTART® Program sugar detox! These are called Fat Balls, and they really help with the cravings. Some people like to just take a spoonful of coconut oil, but we found a way to do this that is much more tasty!

Sources for Sugar Detox Friendly Recipes

So, you’re doing a sugar detox, like the Radiant Reboot, the RESTART® Program, or the 21-Day Sugar Detox and you need some low-sugar, clean-eating recipes to try. Look no further! Here is a list of some of the best resources to get you started, so you can spend less of your time searching and more of your time enjoying preparing delicious, satisfying foods!

Recipe: Homemade Epic Bars (Low Sugar Meat Protein Bars)

Protein bars. They’re usually all pretty high in sugar, meaning that they do the opposite of filling you up: they actually cause your insulin to spike to deal with all that blood sugar, and then you’re tired again shortly afterwards, and you want to reach for another one to fill you up shortly. Sound familiar?

I developed this recipe based on my own tinkering to come up with something similar to Epic bars, which are similar to jerky but mixed with other delicious spices and flavors and shaped into a convenient bar shape.

5 Tips for Quitting Sugar

Doing a sugar detox can sound like it will be hard, and scary, and you feel like you don’t really know what to expect. In the past, I’ve had varied successes with quitting sugar through doing a three-week sugar detox process. Some have been wildly successful, with great weight loss and better skin and mood, and others, well… I fell off the wagon a few days in. The ones that have been more successful are the ones that incorporated the following tips! Learn from my failures, and know that these are the things that will make quitting sugar easier for you!