Recipe: Cinnamon-Spiced Pumpkin “Oatmeal”

If you asked most people what was the biggest thing they missed since cutting out processed food, I think a lot of people would say things like pizza, or maybe fettuccini alfredo, or chocolate chip cookies. Me? I miss hot breakfast cereals.

Yes, really.

I mean Cream of Wheat, oatmeal (especially steel-cut ‘Irish’ oatmeal!), Zoom… those sort of things. They’re like my paleo kryptonite.

A liver recipe for people who don’t like liver: Chicken Liver and Heart Sausage Patties

EDIT 12/14/14: I’ve recently come up with a new way to get liver in my diet EVERY SINGLE DAY in a way that I never have to taste it. Go check out the post here!

This is a liver recipe for people who don’t like liver.

There are two truths in my life about liver.

1. I hate the taste of liver with every part of my being.
2. I know it’s the most nutrient dense food on the planet so I force myself to eat it anyway.