Recipe: Fat Balls (To Beat Sugar Cravings!)

My husband John and I developed this recipe while we were having sugar cravings on the first few days of our RESTART® Program sugar detox! These are called Fat Balls, and they really help with the cravings. Some people like to just take a spoonful of coconut oil, but we found a way to do this that is much more tasty!

Recipe: Paleo Russian Teacakes

Have you ever had Russian tea cakes? You know, the kind that are little round shortbread balls rolled in powdered sugar? They were always one of my mother’s favorite kinds of cookies and she made them frequently when I was growing up. I always loved how buttery and delicious they were. She decided recently to make them again, and I, being jealous, decided to make a batch for myself that were grain free and dairy free.

Copycat Recipe: Cherry Garcia Ice Cream [Dairy Free, Vegan]

CHERRY GARCIA! I never thought a dairy free, egg free ice cream could taste this good, but it did. The boyfriend used to love Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, so I decided to try to replicate it as best I could using some good quality ingredients. It also needed to be totally vegan, since he was going off dairy and eggs for the month of January, and I’m off dairy and eggs until further notice (boo, IgG allergies!). I’ve had mixed luck with coconut milk ice creams because it never quite lends the same creamy consistency as real cream, and when I first made this batch with a base of coconut milk, it didn’t thicken up at all, and then when I put it in the freezer, it turned into a huge ice cube. Sigh. So, I did some Googling to see what other people did to make a coconut milk ice cream actually turn out well, and I found a trick of using arrowroot starch to thicken up the coconut milk and allowing the mixture to chill. When it freezes, it has an amazing creamy texture that I thought I’d never be able to achieve with dairy-free ice cream!

Recipe: Dairy Free Peppermint Chocolate Pudding

An acquaintance gave me a recipe from The Bulletproof Diet for a chocolate truffle pudding. I wanted to try to make it for Christmas, but didn’t have all the ingredients and couldn’t have the butter that it called for. So, in Rosemary fashion, I gave it a few tweaks (read: make it completely unrecognizable from the original recipe), and what turned out was perfect! I am a huge, huge fan of peppermint chocolate. I used to be obsessed with those Andes Mints back in the day (helloooo, sugar addiction!) and this reminded me of that.

Recipe: Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Meal Crust [Paleo, Grain-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free, AIP Option]

So, I recently found out that I have an IgG allergy to dairy and eggs (yeah, I said some swears), which means that parts of these foods are making their way into my bloodstream, and my body has created antibodies to fight them. The reason this happened in the first place is because my gut is leaky (things are getting past the intestinal lining into the bloodstream that shouldn’t be). I’m currently on a protocol right now with my functional medicine practitioner to get rid of some unpleasant bugs that have been bothering me for a while and heal my leaky gut. The good news is that once my leaky gut is healed, I theoretically will be able to eat eggs and dairy again. Buuuuuut for now, it meant that I had to find a way to enjoy pumpkin pie minus the dairy and eggs!

Recipe: Chocolate Orange-Cardamom Cookies

So… I know that it’s a bit strange to post a cookie recipe right after my last posts talking about my sugar addiction struggles. 😀 But, I know that during this time of year when we’re all attending Christmas gatherings galore, it can be difficult staying on track. First, you don’t want to feel like you’re missing out when everyone is eating dessert. I know that the times when I feel like I’m missing out are the times I’m most likely to way overindulge. That bowl of dark chocolate squares will be history in about fourteen minutes. Also, you never know for sure when you attend a party whether there will be any paleo food available, and you worry that it will be just you and the nut bowl again (but not the peanuts. You pick those out.) Solution? Bring your own treats to share!