Recipe: Raw Sauerkraut Two Ways

Raw sauerkraut is a brilliant probiotic food, rich in enzymes and nutrients — and it tastes much better than the pasteurized stuff in the cans from the grocery store, which are devoid of nutrients anyway! The first time I ever made sauerkraut, I was surprised at how delightfully tangy and crunchy it was, as opposed to the unpalatable sour and limp stuff I had tried before. It’s very simple to make, and if you’re wanting to get started with fermenting veggies, sauerkraut is the place I recommend you start.

How To Make Water Kefir

I love making a variety of fermented foods and beverages, especially water kefir. I often give away water kefir grains to people and they ask me about how they should make their water kefir, so I figured that rather than explain the process to lots of people many times, I’d just write it all down here and direct people to my blog! I’m all about efficiency. And if you, dear reader, are lucky enough to have received some water kefir grains from one of your friends, or if you are just generally interested in learning how to make water kefir, read on!