Recipe: Nightshade Free Chicken Tagine

I’m kind of obsessed with Moroccan flavors. This is an adaptation of a recipe from the Balanced Bites Holiday eBook that Diane Sanfilippo sends out every year, but this dish is awesome for any time of year, not just the holidays. It’s so flavorful with the cumin and coriander, and the dried figs give just the perfect amount of sweetness. This is awesome over cauliflower rice (or real rice, if you’re #teamwhiterice!)

Recipe: Speedy Recovery Beef and Mushroom Soup

There’s a South American proverb that “A good broth will resurrect the dead.” While that may not be literally the case, bone broth is one of the best things to give someone who is sick or recovering, since it helps boost the immune system to fight sickness, is rich in minerals, and has the building blocks needed for our body to repair its own gut lining (and 80% of the immune system is in the gut). I recently made this soup for a family friend who was recovering from surgery. When I was asked to make a meal for her, the first thing that popped into my head was a soup with a gut-healing, mineral-rich bone broth as the base.

Recipe: Ukrainian Aspic (Kholodets, Холодец)

Kholodets is one of those recipes that sounds really weird, but it’s actually not too weird when you think about it: it is simply bone broth poured over shredded meat, but allowed to cool so it’s gelatinous. Then, you spoon it out and eat it with mustard or horseradish mayonnaise. Meat Jello? Yes, okay, meat jello. That sounds weird, BUT there was a time when it was quite normal to eat this gut-healing, nutrient-rich dish here in the US of A! Have you heard of aspic? Kholodets is basically the Ukrainian version of that.

21-Day Sugar Detox Recipe Round-Up

I’m beginning to realize that a lot of the success of a sugar detox comes down to good preparation and making it easy to make good choices for yourself. After falling flat on my face with my last sugar detox effort, I’ve decided that this time around, I am going to be better prepared.

I’ve compiled a list of twenty-one 21DSD-friendly recipes with no sugar; hopefully it can provide some inspiration for you, too! These are mostly nightshade-free, so many of these will suit those of you on the autoimmune protocol. I don’t plan on religiously sticking to this list like a meal plan and I probably won’t make every item on the list, but it’s a starting point.

Best Meatballs Ever: Ukrainian/Russian Meat Patties (Kotleti/Котлеты)

These are my version of Ukrainian meat patties (kotleti) which I was taught to make while I was in Ukraine. Kotleti are kind of like American burgers, but sexier. They’re moist and tender, and they are so flavorful! Everyone that I’ve made them for since I’ve been back in the States has loved them. With nearly endless combinations of meats and spices, they are versatile enough to have multiple times in the week without getting bored. (Plus, they’re ovular. And who doesn’t love that word?! Oooovular. Fantastic).