My boyfriend [edit 1/19/16: he is now my husband! YAY!] and fellow NTP, John Fotheringham, is a whiz at website design. If you’re a new NTP and you want to know some of the basic information you need to get a website started, here are the providers that he recommends. It can seem overwhelming in the beginning, but you’ll get the hang of it!

  • Hosting: Dreamhost (cheap) or WP Engine (more expensive, but bombproof)
  • Platform: WordPress (Free. 1-click installation once you get hosting)
  • Theme: Elegant Themes (I like their Divi theme best, but there are heaps to choose from)
  • Email List: MailChimp (I’ve tried many companies, but MailChimp is the best hands down. They even have great mobile apps.)
  • Logo / Design Work: 99 Designs