Radiant Reboot

Reclaim Your Health, Increase Your Energy & Reboot Your Life in 30 Days

rosemary-fotheringham-mediumHi, I am Rosemary Fotheringham, a certified NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) dedicated to helping others feel and look radiant, overcome sugar addiction, and live happier, healthier lives through the power of real food. I wrote Radiant Reboot to help you:

  • Separate nutrition facts from fiction. You’ll learn why the vast majority of mainstream beliefs about what is healthy and unhealthy is completely wrong.
  • Balance the “Flourish Fundamentals”. These essential foundations that need to be in balance for you to be happy, healthy, and radiant: Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, Relaxation & Restoration, and Connection.
  • Identify exactly what to eat and what not to eat for optimal health. I’ll walk you through a complete a pantry makeover so you have only tasty and healthy foods in your pantry, fridge, and bag. I’ll also teach you where to buy high-quality foods that will keep you full and nourished. I’ve also created and curated dozens of delicious recipes for you, from snacks to breakfasts to even a few treats. You’ll never have to worry, “What am I going to eat today?”

Please enjoy the following excerpts from the book on two of the most important and underappreciated parts of feeling and looking your best: digestion and fats.