If you are in Eastern Washington State, here is a list of places where you can source some good quality real food! Locally sourced food is better because it’s going to be fresher and more nutrient-dense, but in a pinch, some of the local supermarkets also have good options!

Mid-Columbia Market

Mid-Columbia Market is the local co-op, located behind Subway on Lee in Richland. It’s an unsuspecting little building and hasn’t been there too long (relatively speaking), but it’s a real gem.

Things you can get here:

  • grass fed meats and organ meats
  • properly raised pork
  • eggs
  • grass-fed organic raw dairy
  • beef soup bones
  • fats to make tallow and lard
  • olive oils, avocado oils, red palm oil, coconut oil

Blue Valley Meats

Blue Valley Meats is based in Walla Walla, but they deliver to the Tri-Cities (and all over Washington State) for free, to your doorstep, weekly. Their customer service is exceptional and they are always happy to answer any questions about how to cook certain cuts of meat.

Things you can get here:

  • grass-fed meats and organ meats
  • antibiotic-free, no-added-hormones pork and bacon
  • grass-fed and organic dairy
  • “odd bits” like chicken feet, knuckle bones & oxtails for bone broths
  • fats to make tallow and lard
  • eggs

Richland Farmers Market and Pasco Farmers Market

The Richland Farmers Market, or the Market at the Parkway, is held on Friday mornings from 9 AM to 1 PM and goes from June 1 to October 30.

The Pasco Farmers Market goes from May 2 to October 31 on Wednesday mornings, 10 AM – 1 PM and Saturday mornings, 8 AM – 12 PM.

Things you can get here:

  • fresh produce
  • meats (Neiffer Ranch, which is almost always there, is one of my favorites for grass-fed beef)
  • pastured eggs
  • fresh cheeses

Highland Health Foods & Richland Health Foods

Highland Health Foods and Richland Health Foods are sister stores owned by the same family and have been around in the Tri-Cities since before I was born! I have fond memories of going to the RHF store with my grandma as a child. The smell brings me right back to childhood! I ended up working here for a year while studying for my NTP certification before moving on to my own practice. The website for both stores is here.

Things you can get here:

  • bulk nuts and seeds, plus nut flours
  • bulk spices
  • fresh organic produce
  • olive oil, coconut oil

Yoke’s Fresh Markets

It’s not a small, local organization, but they do have a wide selection of produce and they also carry Kerrygold products, which are grass-fed dairy! They have a few different locations in the Tri-Cities. Check this list of Yoke’s locations in the Tri-Cities to see which one is closest to you.

Things you can get here:

  • organic produce
  • Kerrygold grass-fed butter and cheeses
  • fresh and frozen wild-caught fish
  • canned sardines


Also a chain, but they do have a growing selection of real food options.

Things you can get here:

  • grass-fed beef and lamb
  • organic chicken
  • frozen wild-caught fish
  • canned sardines
  • uncured organic hot dogs
  • uncured bacon